POCKETALK - Translates 82 languages for REAL two-way conversations


What our customers say

Product is absolutely as described and the best product to translate and language. Word for word capture and translation. Pocketalk changed my international travel and made communication much, much better. This performs much better than any translation service on a phone.

Doug B.

June 2019

The Pocketalk is easy to set up and easy to use. I've tested it with native and fluent Japanese speakers, and they confirmed the accuracy of the English-to-Japanese translations.

Mark C.

August 2019

This really helped when I was visiting Japan and my Japanese companion took a nasty tumble. Pocketalk helped me call an ambulance, talk to the EMT's, talk to the doctors and nurses, and enlist the help of her neighbors to search her home for contact information on her brother and sister. Also, to report on her condition to those neighbors later. Saved a life for the price of a Pocketalk.


June 2019

I’ve been traveling internationally for years and continuously had issues communicating. Pocketalk has made communicating simple and reduced stress. I’ve tried other devices and services (google) and this is the easiest to use with the best translation I’ve experienced. Small and light so it’s easy to pack in a bag and use when needed. Also translates paragraphs at a time - no need to talk in short sentences. 

Douglas B.

July 2019

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