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What makes Pocketalk Special


There's no point in a translator if the translations don't make sense.

Pocketalk selects the best combination of engines for each language, while our noise-cancelling mic captures each syllable clearly, even in noisy environments.


Don't let opportunities slip by while fumbling with your phone.

With Pocketalk, you're just one button away from communicating in 74 languages. With 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, translations are lightening fast.


No need to look for Wi-Fi hotspots or buy travel SIMs.

The embedded SIM offers 2 years of unlimited data in 133 countries. No additional setup or any monthly fees. And if you're wondering - yes, Pocketalk also connects to Wi-Fi.


Protecting your personal information is our priority.

Conversations are stored only on the device and not online. You can also choose to automatically delete your past conversation history. Moreover, unlike smartphones, Pocketalk does not require personal information or any accounts for use.

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