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Pocketalk partners with V by Vodafone to empower people around the world to connect even better

marzo 10, 2020

  • With the ability to translate 74 languages*1 two way, Pocketalk makes communicating despite language differences a doddle
  • Connected by the Vodafone smart SIM card, the V-Sim Pocketalk users can enjoy worry-free pricing and roaming across over 90 countries

London, 10 March 2020 - Pocketalk​TM​ has today announced a partnership with Vodafone Group, one of the world’s leading telecoms and technology service providers, that will connect their instant translation device with the V by Vodafone smart SIM card, the V-Sim. From later this month, the Pocketalk W model, a portable, AI-powered instant voice translation device, will be available on the V by ​Vodafone website​ and ​Pocketalk ecommerce channels​ with a V-Sim that connects quickly and seamlessly to Vodafone’s global Internet of Things network for a low, flat monthly cost. With its aim of breaking down language barriers around the world and better connecting people, Pocketalk is the perfect addition to the range of V-Sim enabled smart devices, as it can now be used in over 90 countries for no extra cost.

"Pocketalk, developed by Sourcenext®, is constantly looking for opportunities to facilitate conversations. Our mission is to improve the way people communicate," says Tomoaki Kojima, CEO of Sourcenext B.V.. "Pocketalk removes language barriers and empowers users to communicate in authentic and natural two-way conversations using 74 different languages."

David Tirado Blanco, Global Head of Growth Consumer IoT, V by Vodafone, comments on the partnership, "We’re delighted to be working with Sourcenext®, to ensure their innovative Pocketalk device will be able to enjoy the unrivalled connectivity enabled by our smart global SIM card, the V-Sim by Vodafone. This device makes it even easier to communicate with people around the world and now with the V-Sim, Pocketalk customers can enjoy seamless digital set-up through our V by Vodafone app, worry-free pricing and roaming across over 90 countries – so it’s easier than ever to stay connected."

*1 Translates 55 languages into speech and text, while it translates 19 languages into text. Please refer to the supported languages list for details. (As of November 2019)

Press Contact: ​PIABO PR | Louise Treloar I ​+44 (0) 7590 808 130 | Louise.Treloar@piabo.net

About Pocketalk
With more than 600,000 units sold worldwide, Pocketalk is the global leader in connecting the world and unlocking possibilities as the only translation device on the market that enables an authentic communication experience. Developed, manufactured and distributed by Sourcenext, the largest distributor and creator of software, hardware, and IoT products in Japan, Pocketalk's European team and headquarters is now based in Amsterdam. The two-way translation device can translate 74 languages, both audio and text. To purchase Pocketalk and to find out more, visit ​https://europe.pocketalk.net/​. 

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